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CNN BUSTED cropping video to make Trump look rude at Japanese Koi Pond (Video)

CNN BUSTED cropping video to make Trump look rude at Japanese Koi Pond (Video)

More media manipulation from Fake News CNN.

CNN has been caught editing a video aimed at making POTUS Trump look like a rude oaf while feeding koi fish in Japan.

US President Trump and Prime Minister Abe took time out of meetings to feed the koi fish in Japan. CNN claims that President Trump dumped his entire box of fish food into the koi pond, trying to paint Trump as some kind of insensitive, rude jerk.

CNN says that the US President got impatient and dumped his box of food into the pond, but what really happened is that CNN cleverly cropped in on the president for the camera shot, blacking out what Japan’s PM Abe did with his fish food.

Here is CNN’s fake news video…pure propaganda…

Trump joined his Japanese counterpart Shinzo Abe in feeding fish, emptying the whole box of food into a koi pond

Here is the full, un-cropped video, showing that President Trump actually was following Japanese Prime Minister Abe in dumping the contents of the box into the koi pond…

Verified libtards made up a fake story about Trump being terrible for emptying a box of fish food when Abe did the same.

Trump didn’t become “impatient” as the media claims. PM Abe dumped the fish food first. Folks in the media are beyond petty.

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