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Clinton Crime Family? Bill’s Brother Arrested For DUI. Bail Set At $15K

Hillary Clinton’s lead over Bernie Sanders is just 2 points in California, according to the latest RealClearPolitics average of polls. That is well within the margin of error. That margin may have just disappeared with breaking news that Roger Clinton (Bill Clinton’s brother) has been arrested in Southern California for driving under the influence.

Word on the street, says that Sanders is gearing up for a California upset of Hillary…which makes the latest Clinton crime escapade all the more troublesome for Hillary’s struggling campaign, as she limps towards the Democratic nomination.

Roger Clinton is no stranger to trouble with the law. Just before leaving office in January 2001, Bill Clinton pardoned Roger, who was sentenced to two years in prison after pleading guilty in 1985 to conspiring to distribute cocaine.


TMZ broke the story that hits Hillary at the most inopportune time:

Hillary Clinton’s brother-in-law is sitting in a jail cell after getting busted for DUI in Southern California … just 2 days before the crucial CA primary vote.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … Roger Clinton was arrested Sunday just after 8 PM in Redondo Beach. He was booked for driving under the influence, and we’re told he refused blood alcohol testing.

Roger remains in police custody. His bail is set at $15,000.

Clinton was also arrested for DUI in 2001. That same year, President Clinton infamously pardoned his half-brother for a drug charge.

Unless he bails out before Tuesday … there goes one vote for Hillary.


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