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Clinton campaign in damage control mode, says the next Wikileaks release is “probably a fake”

Clinton campaign tries to convince supporters that Wikileaks next release is "probably a fake."

Clinton’s Director of Communications, Jennifer Palmieri, is preparing Clinton supporters to expect a big Wikileaks bomb right before election day, by branding the expected “bomb” as “probably a fake.”

Palmieri fails to mention that Wikileaks has a 10 year, million upon million of documents, perfect record. Nothing that Wikileaks has every released has been proven as a fake. But in Clinton world, reality takes a back seat to liberal feelings and progressive privilege.

From Russian hackers to Wikileaks fakes…the lies right before election day for the Clinton campaign become more and more pathetic.

Zerohedge notes

Sure, and Donna Brazile didn’t share CNN questions with Hillary in advance of the debates with Bernie, Doug Band and Chelsea Clinton are best friends and the Clinton Foundation is a completely legitimate, conflict-free organization. Moreover, Russia.

Then again, Palmieri probably has it “covered”

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