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Christmas is back at the White House. Trump family reverses Obama’s ban on Christmas

Christmas is back at the White House. Trump family reverses Obama’s ban on Christmas

After eight years of Obama trying to erase Christmas form the holiday map, the Trump family is reversing course and bringing the Christmas spirit back to the White House.

First Lady Melania Trump is not only decorating the White House with amazing ornaments and Christmas trees, but she is even showcasing a nativity scene. Liberal looney heads are sure to explode in outrage.

Melania Trump released a video of the White House decorations.

The Trump family also released their official Christmas Card, signed by Donald Trump, Melania Trump, and Barron Trump.

The card reads: “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year”.

Obama’s politically correct card: “Happy Holidays.”

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john vieira
john vieira

Despite the wholesale “sell out” by the mainstream media, the political establishment for the proverbial ” thirty pieces of (Petro$) silver” and the rejection of Christianity by the ‘libterds’, do believe that a census today in North America would come up with a ‘majority’ of Christians. The fact that any such celebration comes under attack should have alerted a “cognitive” population of WHAT IS transpiring…and the furtive and deceitful manner in which certain ‘forces’ have been undermining our very ‘fabric’ and ‘implanting’ the seeds of division. The mainstream corrupted media is leading the charge with a vengeance…no matter how many… Read more »

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