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Chelsea Clinton believes Abraham Lincoln now supports POTUS Trump

Chelsea Clinton wants to run for POTUS one day...

Chelsea Clinton is lucky to have been born into American royalty and privilege, because the only child of Hillary and Bill Clinton does not appear to be the sharpest knife in the drawer.

A humorous image of America’s 16th president appeared on the 2017 Lincoln Day Dinner program for the Republican Party of Palm Beach County. The dinner was held at Mar-a-Lago on March 24.

Chelsea Clinton was shocked to see Lincoln wearing a “Make America Great Again” baseball hat. Chelsea tweeted that she hoped the picture of Abraham Lincoln was “Photoshopped.

Chelsea Clinton’s tweet, “Please tell me this is photoshopped. Please?”…

The original tweet…

Yes, Lincoln was wearing a red baseball hat in the photo, but users later Photoshopped the original cap to put the MAGA slogan.

Twitter users were quick to poke fun at Chelsea’s stupidity…

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