As Russia’s Kuznetsov carrier returns to base, all US navy carriers and British nuclear attack submarines ‘under repair’

Whereas contrary to media scare stories Russia’s Admiral Kuznetsov carrier completed its Syrian mission without a major breakdown, media reports confirm that the entire US navy nuclear carrier force and the entire Royal navy nuclear attack submarine force is in port under repair.

Following ruling President Trump likely to get ‘travel ban’ Executive Order reinstated

Decision of appeal court of 9th circuit to refuse to overturn Judge Robart’s stay against enforcement of ‘travel ban’ Executive Order does not challenge its legality or say it is discriminatory or unconstitutional. It instead identifies various possible problems of procedure and due process in the administration of the Executive Order, which the administration can now put right.

Vladimir Putin intervenes in ‘fake news’ debate

Russian President sends message to La Stampa which draws attention to the extent to which the European media has betrayed its former traditions of “freedom of expression, objectivity, impartiality and the readiness to allow any viewpoint to find its way to the reader”, accusing it of “news manipulation” on behalf of “entrenched interests”.