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Carter Page and Devin Nunes destroy the Adam Schiff, Democrat counter memo (Video)

Carter Page: “I have no fear whatsoever” of being implicated in a Russian collusion plot.

Carter Page says with confidence that he has “no fear whatsoever” of being implicated in a fake Russian collusion plot.

Given the fact that after years of surveillance, Page has not been indicted of any crime means he is right in his assertion that he has no worries about the ongoing “Russia collusion” investigation.

Democrat leaker, and Ukrainian oligarch puppet Adam Schiff dropped his counter memo on Saturday, and it was a complete dud.

If anything his memo confirmed most of what Devin Nunes stated in his bombshell memo, which completely tears apart the Russian election collusion false narrative concocted by “Crooked” Hillary and the DNC.

Carter Page went on Fox News’ “Hannity” to react to the Adam Schiff counter memo.

Devin Nunes then was interviewed by Sean Hannity, where the Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee blasted the Democrats’ rebuttal memo.

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