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Bye Bye EU, Bye Bye Cameron! UK Votes To Leave EU. Cameron To Step Down

The UK is leaving the EU, and David Cameron is leaving his post in October.

This was Nigel Farage (after he voted), when it appeared that the “Remain” camp would narrowly scrape a victory in Britain’s referendum on whether to leave or stay in the European Union…

This was Farage around 4am, when the first exit polls showed that the Leave campaign was ahead by a substantial margin…

Farage could not hold back his happiness on Twitter as well…

And the Collateral Damage, as David Cameron appears to be on his way out.

And for those who think the Brexit will somehow be avoided or not implemented, even Cameron himself ruled that option out:

London’s Mayor urges everyone not to panic..

Bank of England is ready to help keep things stable. The UK will be just fine, if not better than ever!

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