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Bumbling Boris: ‘I wish I could tweet like Trump!’ says UK foreign secretary

Boris Johnson is known for forging his own political style, but says he tips the hat to Trump when it comes to the US president's tweets

Donald Trump has earned some rare praise from across the pond – the UK’s foreign secretary Boris Johnson.

Johnson is well known for forging his own brand of politics characterized by unique antics and sometimes controversial statements.

But Johnson bowed to Trump’s achievements in a recent interview with the BBC:

Donald Trump’s approach to politics has been something that has gripped the imagination of people around the world. He has engaged people in politics in a way that we haven’t seen for a long time, with his tweets and all the rest of it.

Johnson added that he’d love to be as frank as Trump on Twitter, but he isn’t allowed the same freedom as the US president:

I certainly wouldn’t be allowed to tweet in the way that he does, much as I might like to. I’m seeing my Foreign Office minders looking extremely apprehensive here.

With the constant deluge of pressure on Trump from his own party to curtail his tweeting, he’ll be relieved to know he’s got at least one highly placed Twitter admirer.

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Ricky Twisdale
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