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BREAKING: US searches of Russian diplomatic properties begin (FIRST VIDEOS)

Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova has called the FBI searches “a travesty of justice”.

US authorities have begun raid style searches of diplomatic properties in the United States which are legally the property of the Russian Federation.

The Russian Foreign Ministry has published the first videos of the US authorities inside the Russian properties and promises to publish more as they become available.

Addition videos show men described as FBI workers climbing into ceiling spaces during their search

The photos below show FBI personnel entering the Russian diplomatic property.

The Foreign Ministry also published photos of the diplomatic facilities shortly before the FBI search indicating that most of the items had been removed.

Russia has correctly slammed the move as being unprecedented. Beyond this it is illegal according to the international law inscribed in the Vienna Conventions.

READ MORE: US actions against Russian diplomatic and consular property are illegal–here’s why


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