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BREAKING: Ukrainian regime leader fails to speak during his scheduled time at UN

It is not clear why the Kiev leader has continually missed his allotted speaking time.

The leader of the Ukrainian regime, Petro Poroshenko was originally scheduled to address the UN General assembly this afternoon. He was supposed to speak immediately after Rwandan President Paul Kagame. However, unlike every other leader thus far, he did not turn up to the podium of the UN General Assembly.

Instead, the proceedings moved on without Poroshenko with all other heads of state and government speaking in the original order of the General Assembly agenda.

According to the General Assembly’s website, Poroshenko’s speaking position continues to inexplicably move down the list of speakers, but each time the Kiev leader fails to appear. Consiquently, his name is moved progressively down the list of speakers after every appearance he misses.

As of 19.20 Moscow time, Porshenko’s position on the schedule of speakers has now been moved to the bottom of the list for the afternoon session. It seems he will now speak after Italian President Paolo Gentiloni, who was supposed to be the final speaker of the morning session.

FINAL UPDATE: Poroshenko finally turned up, over an hour late to deliver a rambling speech that was virtually indistinguishable from last year’s remarks.

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