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BREAKING: The Duran hacked by Russia, as Putin cracks down on free press

The Duran has been hacked by Russia.

“Little” Marco Rubio was hacked by Russia just yesterday.

Here is Rubio telling Congress that he was hacked by an ip originating from Russia. It’s completely true. Trust “Little” Marco, he would never lie or mislead you.

Actually I think I was hacked by Russia 5 minutes ago.

The Duran has been hacked since its inception by Putin and Russia.

The Duran is actually a publication that promotes neo-liberal values, globalism, identity politics, and political correctness at all costs.

We hate free speech, despise culture, loathe traditional values, champion perpetual war, believe in American exceptionalism, we want to arm moderate rebels in Syria, and believe that Stepan Bandera should be honored as a WW2 hero…and we LOVE HILLARY CLINTON.

Maybe, dear reader, you were hacked by Russia as well. Let us know below…

Hey The Duran readers…were you hacked by Russia?

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