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BREAKING: Terror hits London days before election

UPDATE: People are reporting either 2 or 3 separate attacks. There is confusion over whether the van attack in London Bridge and an alleged related stabbing incident nearby are part of a larger terrorist atrocity.

More than one fatality has been reported.

Now another incident in another part of London, Vauxhall has been reported.

RT reports that a manhunt is under way for terrorists with weapons, still on the loose.

Initial came in that a man ploughed a van into a crowd of people in the crowded London Bridge area of the UK capital.

Some reports speak of a lone driver going at high speeds, driving into pedestrians while others say that two other men jumped out of the van and started stabbing people at random.

Other witnesses are reporting gunshots.

The Shard, London’s tallest building which is next to London Bridge is on lock-down as the London Bridge Underground (Metro) station.

Armed police and helicopters have come to the area as a mass evacuation is under way.


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