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BREAKING: North Korea fires series of missiles–launches said to be failures

BREAKING: North Korea fires series of missiles–launches said to be failures

North Korea has launched a projectiles according to official sources from South Korea. US Pacific Command has further confirmed that the projectiles were short-rage ballistic missiles.

According to the United States, two of the three missiles failed mid-flight while a third blew up before lift off.

If this is indeed a missile test launch, this would be the first such launch since the United Nations Security Council voted unanimously in favour of further sanctions against Pyongyang on the 5th of August, 2017.

Crucially, this is also the first such apparent missile launch North Korea has conduced since the beginning of highly controversial joint US-South Korean military exercises which commenced on 21 August.

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North Korea recently warned that the drills which are opposed by both China and Russia, are a provocation against Pyongyang. North Korea stated that they intend to maintain its nuclear arsenal as a deterrent to threats by Washington and its allies. 

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This also comes after individuals and entities in both China and Russia were hit with further unilateral sanctions by the US for allegedly conducting business with North Korea although both Moscow and Beijing maintain that they have never violated any UN resolutions regarding North Korean commercial issue.

This comes after Donald Trump praised North Korea’s Leader known as Great Marshall Kim Jong-Un as “wise and well-reasoned” when Pyongyang stated that it has no intentions of launching a first strike against the US or its allies in the region.

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Missiles can fail from scalar weapon interference. Total deniability. But North Korea will feel the heat if those with scalar weapons decide that they need some humility. More ‘Russian interference?’ Well possibly. I was expecting it.

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