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BREAKING: Mainstream media will go crazy when they see APEC Summit video of Trump standing next to Putin (Video)

Mainstream media heads will explode after Trump poses next to Vladimir Putin at APEC Summit.

President Donald Trump posed for photos in Vietnam with fellow APEC leaders on Friday, and guess who event organizers placed next to POTUS Trump.

We can’t wait to see mainstream media pundits lose their collective minds seeing Trump and Putin stand side by side.

Are APEC Summit organizers Kremlin agents as well?

Via The Gateway Pundit

The US President is visiting Vietnam for two days today for the summit. Trump is currently on a 14 day trip in East Asia. The US president will next travel to Philippines on the final two days of his trip.

Thank you APEC leaders for placing President Trump next to Vladimir Putin.

The left’s reaction ought to be priceless.

Fox News even issued the following Fox News Alert…“TRUMP STANDS NEXT TO PUTIN FOR APEC PHOTO.”

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