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BREAKING: Israeli warplanes have struck the Syria-Lebanon border

This comes weeks after Hezbollah liberated Syria-Lebanon borderlands from ISIS and al-Qaeda terrorists.

Early reports from Lebanon indicate that Israeli fighter jets have bombed a large hilltop in the Sheba’a Farms area of Lebanon, near the Syrian border. As the attack was conducted unilaterally, it is classed as a war crime.

Weeks ago, Hezbollah won a decisive battle against ISIS and al-Qaeda terrorist forces in Lebanon’s borderlands with Syria. The surviving prisoners of war were later transferred via bus to eastern Syria as part of a prisoner exchange deal.

Al-Masdar reports,

“Warplanes belonging to the Israeli enemy have executed two raids on al-Rashaha hill, located at the Lebanese-Syrian borders east Shebaa town”.

Earlier, Israel admitted to shooting down a drone over the occupied Golan Heights.

Israel has recently issued numerous threats against Syria as it becomes increasingly clear that Damascus has won the multi-front proxy conflict inside Syrian borders.

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