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BREAKING: ISIS clams responsibility for terrorist attack near Manila airport

BREAKING: ISIS clams responsibility for terrorist attack near Manila airport

FURTHER UPDATE: Conflict reports have come out with some authorities saying that the gunman was shot and others saying that he committed suicide.

UPDATE: Local Police Chief Ronald Dela Rosa claims that the attack was not terrorist related and has said it was likely an attempted armed robbery. However, this contradicts eye-witness reports and also contradicts the fact that ISIS maintains its claim of responsibility through the channels typically used to communicate its actions and claims of atrocities in Philippines. The ongoing relationship between international and Philippine drug cartels and ISIS makes the statement of Mr. Rosa all the more curious.


Explosions, smoke and gunfire have been reported at the Resorts World Manila Leisure Centre near the Manila International Airport in the Philippines capital. ISIS have claimed responsibility for the terrorist attack. Witnesses reported that masked terrorists with heavy guns began opening fire inside the complex.

Over 25 have been reported wounded.

The local reports were confirmed by the US State Department.

ISIS have recently conquered the southern Philippine city of Marawi on the island of Mindanao. Today’s attack in Manila is  the first instance of an ISIS presence in Philippines outside of the Moro Muslim southern islands of the country.

Social media users have posted photos of injured people being taken out of the building.

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