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BOOM! Tucker Carlson has source that connects Tony Podesta to Clinton Foundation (Video)

A former senior employee of the Podesta Group is ready to open up about DC corruption.

Now that the Podesta brothers and Paul Manafort are central figures in “Russia Probe 2.0”, former associates connected to the powerful DC lobbyists are starting to divulge what they knew to journalists willing to listen.

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson was contacted by a former senior employee of the Podesta Group, who witnessed first hand how Tony Podesta, Paul Manafort and Hillary Clinton collaborated to get secure millions of dollars in lobbying fees in exchange for political favors.

“We got an email from a man with direct personal knowledge from that story (Podestas being investigated). He’s a former senior employee of the Podesta Group.”

Via Fox News…

A thus-far-reliable source who used to be involved with Clinton allies John and Tony Podesta told Tucker Carlson that press reports appearing to implicate President Trump in Russian collusion are exaggerated.

The source, who Carlson said he would not yet name, said he worked for the brothers’ Podesta Group and was privy to some information from Robert Mueller’s special investigation.

While media reports describe former “Black, Manafort & Stone” principal Paul Manafort as Trump’s main tie to the investigation, the source said it is Manafort’s role as a liaison between Russia and the Podesta Group that is drawing the scrutiny.

The “vehicle” Manafort worked for was what Carlson called a “sham” company with a headquarters listed in Belgium but whose contact information was linked to Kiev, the Ukrainian capital.

Manafort was, at the time, representing Russian business and political interests during the Obama era.

The source said the Podesta Group was in regular contact with Manafort while Hillary Clinton was America’s chief diplomat.

The Gateway Pundit reports…

The source told Tucker that Manafort worked for the Podesta Group on behalf of Russian interests. In fact, Manafort was seen inside of the Podesta Group’s office all the time.

The sources also told Tucker Carlson that Tony Podesta was in constant contact with then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. In fact, Tony Podesta was so close to Hillary that he was considered a part of the Clinton Foundation.

In 2013 or 2014 a representative from the Clinton Foundation met with Tony Podesta to discuss how to assist Uranium One.

Via Tucker Carlson Tonight…

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