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Bill Clinton destroyed on Twitter over his Charlottesville comments

Former President Bill Clinton tweeted on Saturday condemning the Charlottesville violence.

Bill Clinton’s tweet condemned hatred, bigotry, violence and white supremacy.

Far left Antifa and Black Lives Matter have been attacking Trump supporters for over a year, and not one word of condemnation from the former President…which led to a massive backlash from Clinton followers over his selective outrage.

Via The Gateway Pundit

Why don’t any of these liberal politicians condemn and disavow Islamic terrorism, Blacks Lives Matter terrorists or Antifa terrorists? They don’t want to alienate their voting base. As soon as a white man shoots people, or white supremacists protest, the liberals crawl out of their holes with their hand wringing and virtue signaling.

A real leader condemns ALL violence no matter where it’s coming from.

Bill Clinton got savaged by Trump supporters on Twitter who pointed out that not only is he silent on violence towards conservatives, but he, along with Hillary are HUGE supporters of the late Dem Senator Robert Byrd who was an Exalted Cyclops in the KKK.

Hillary Clinton called Senator Byrd her friend and mentor. Bill Clinton excused Byrd’s KKK membership claiming, “he was just a country boy from the hills and hollers of West Virginia trying to get elected”. The Clinton’s get a pass because, Democrat.

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