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Bernie Sanders “sold his soul to the devil” says Donald Trump

At a campaign stop in Colorado Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump said Bernie Sanders “blew it” when he endorsed Hillary Clinton in the presidential race.

Bernie Sanders, the “revolutionary” leader of the US progressive movement, fell so quickly and effortlessly on his sword as he endorsed Hillary Clinton at last week’s DNC, much to the dismay and disbelief of the Bernie or bust die hards…protesting all week long outside the convention.

Some revolution that was. The Clinton machine, with help from the Democratic party, not only dismantled the Bernie campaign, it paraded Sanders out for all the world to see, cloaked in defeat and embarrassment.

Sanders took the stage at the DNC and supported the ultimate establishment, wall street candidate, even after finding out how the Democratic party manipulated and ridiculed his entire campaign.

Sander’s capitulation was not lost on Donald Trump.

At a campaign rally in Colorado Springs, Trump said…

“I’ll tell you what, Bernie blew it. He sold his soul to the devil. He did.”

“He seemed like a tough guy. He was like tough, tough, tough, tough. And then in the end, he folded.”

The Daily Reporter adds…

Referencing the protests during this week’s Democratic National Convention, Trump said Sanders supporters “haven’t folded because his people were angry.” He predicted he will win over some of them.


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