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Watch Bernie Sanders call CNN “fake news” and get cut off (VIDEO)

CNN was in the middle of interviewing Bernie Sanders when he jokingly called them fake news. His live feed was cut immediately after.

While commenting on the President’s reaction to a new report that the US National Security Advisor Michael Flynn was in contact with the Russian Ambassador in Washington Sergey Kislyak prior to Trump’s inauguration, and that, allegedly, the lifting of sanctions was discussed, Bernie Sanders jokingly called CNN “fake news,” after which the live feed with him was interrupted.

So, what happened? Was it a coincidence? Nahh…

CNN must have cut the feed in response to the “fake news” joke. They can’t stand that label, which has essentially replaced their long-forgotten slogan of “the most trusted name in news” in the minds of the masses.

Or the Russians did it. After all, Bernie was in the middle of expressing his concern for the contacts between Flynn and the Russian ambassador. Plus, why not blame it on the Russians? It’s easy and no evidence is required.

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Sergey Gladysh
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