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Bernie Sanders backs Jeremy Corbyn for Britain’s PM in British election

As Britain approaches its general election Americans who wonder who British Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is need look no further than Bernie Sanders since in almost respects Jeremy Corbyn is the British Bernie Sanders.

Like Bernie Sanders Jeremy Corbyn has been in politics for a long time, shunned by the mainstream establishment as a “maverick”, especially because, like Bernie Sanders, he calls himself a ‘socialist’.

As happened with Bernie Sanders, the mainstream establishment in Britain has been horrified by Jeremy Corbyn’s rise.  As also happened with Bernie Sanders, who was bitterly opposed by the leadership of his own party – the Democratic Party – the bitterest opposition to Jeremy Corbyn has come from the political leadership of his own party, the Labour Party.

As also happened with Bernie Sanders, who was the target of ‘dirty tricks’ by the Democratic National Committee, Jeremy Corbyn ever since he was elected Labour’s leader has faced a sustained campaign of destabilisation by the Parliamentary Labour Party, which even passed a vote of no confidence in him.

Like Bernie Sanders – who is over 70 – Jeremy Corbyn – who is almost 70 – has the enthusiastic support of young people.  Indeed the demographics in the US and Britain of those who support Bernie Sanders and Jeremy Corbyn are very similar.

Lastly, just as it was universally said in the US by the professional political class that there was no possibility of the American People ever voting for a self-proclaimed ‘socialist’, so the professional political class in Britain has been saying for years that there is no possibility of the British People ever voting for a self-proclaimed ‘socialist’.

In the event just as Bernie Sanders proved during the Democratic Party’s primaries to be far more popular than anyone had expected, so in the British general election that has proved to be true of Jeremy Corbyn as well.

Unsurprisingly, Bernie Sanders backs Jeremy Corbyn in the British election.  He explains it all here

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