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BBC tells MSNBC that Europe should ‘get used to terrorist attacks’, because “we have to” (Video)

After the summer 2016 Nice, France terrorist attack, that left 84 dead (several of them children), French Prime Minister Manuel Valls told France and the rest of the EU to “learn to live with terrorism”.

Fast forward nearly one year later and another terrorist attack in Manchester, UK during the end of an Ariana Grande concert…and sure enough you have a BBC host speaking to MSNBC on the Manchester bombing, reiterated Valls words by telling her US hosts that “Europe is getting used to attacks, we have to.”

Note to EU citizens, show complete subservience and tolerance to all migrants (including ISIS jihadists that have been armed and trained by the US, EU, Saudi Arabia and Turkey with the goal of overthrowing Assad in Syria), and if the monster turns on the maker, then simply ‘get used to it.’

What do you think?

What do you think?

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