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Awkward Trump moments at the NATO summit

Awkward Trump moments at the NATO summit

The NATO summit in Belgium has produced some awkward moments, all featuring Donald Trump.

The first came as French President Emmanuel Macron seemed to physically avoid shaking Trump’s hand before Trump grabbed him and gave one of his famous ‘never ending handshakes’. Macron was later seen whispering to others and grimacing during Trump’s speech.

Then, fearing he would be late to his group photo, Donald Trump seemingly shoved Montenegro’s Duško Marković out of the way. This is Montenegro’s first NATO summit after recently joining the military bloc. Many in Montenegro have criticised their government for refusing to put NATO membership to a democratic referendum which NATO advocates would have likely lost. Welcome to NATO!

Later, Trump and Macron had another incident wherein Macron seemed to be grasping Donald Trump’s much larger hand for dear life during a sit-down meeting.

Words fail…

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