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Julian Assange suggests Hillary backing Mike Pence ‘takeover’ of presidency

According to Assange, a movement is afoot to impeach Donald Trump and replace him with 'predictable' Mike Pence

Julian Assange has sent out Tweets stating that Hilary Clinton and others are looking to impeach Trump with the stated preference of a Mike Pence Presidency. Assange’s Tweets were as follows:

Hours after the second Tweet, Mike Pence publicly called the suggestions ‘absurd’ and offensive’. However, he offered no further clarification on whether the allegations were real but insulting or whether he believed the very existence of the allegations to be patient untruths.

Assange himself clarified his slightly crypt tweets by ruling out anything more sinister than a political removal of President Trump.

Whatever the truth might be behind the tweets, the manifest reality is that many in both the Republican and Democratic parties would be immeasurably more comfortable with a would-be President Pence.

Pence is the archetypal ‘business as usual’ politician. It is important to remember that during the campaign Pence publicly disagreed with Donald Trump’s stated goal of reconciliation with Russia. The issue remains an obsession among Trump’s opponents in both parties.

The melodrama of the entire Trump administration won’t go away until he takes charge and purges D.C., as Pat Buchanan recently advised.

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