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Assad speaks, one day after Aleppo liberation. Syria’s democratically elected President calls out western support for ISIS

In an interview with RT, Assad says that western powers are trying to stop the Syrian army offensive against ISIS terrorist groups by ordering Russia to put pressure on Damascus.

RT will be airing an exclusive interview with Syrian President Assad, one day after the Syrian government liberated Aleppo from the clutches of ISIS terrorists…much to the displeasure of western powers.

Here are a few key excerpts before the video that airs later today.

RT: Western countries have been repeatedly asking Russia and Iran to put pressure on you to, as they put it, stop the violence. Just recently, six western nations asked Russia and Iran again to put pressure on you, asking for a ceasefire in Aleppo. At the time when your army was progressing, they were asking for a ceasefire.

President Assad: “It is always important in politics to read between the lines, not to be electoral, does not matter what they ask. The translation of their statement is for Russia – ‘Please stop the advancement of the Syrian army against the terrorists.’ That is the meaning of that statement, forget of all the rest. You went too far in defeating the terrorists that should not happened. You should tell the Syrians to stop this, we have to kill the terrorists and save them.”

RT: Palmyra is another troubled region now, and it’s now [being] taken by ISIS, but we don’t hear a lot of condemnation about it.

President Assad: “Exactly, if it was captured by the government there would be worrying about the heritage. If we liberate Aleppo from the terrorists, there would be, I mean, the western officials and the mainstream media, they are going to be worried about the civilians, they are not worrying when the opposite happens, when the terrorists kill those civilians or attack Palmyra and start destroying the human heritage, not only the Syrian heritage.”

“[The Palmyra offensive of] ISIS, if you look at the timing of their attack is related to what is happening in Aleppo. This is the response to what is happening in Aleppo – the advancement of the Syrian Arab Army – and they wanted to undermine the victory in Aleppo and at the same time to distract the Syrian Army from Aleppo to make it more toward Palmyra and stop the advancement. But, of course, it did not work.”

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