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Anti-Erdogan protesters arrested during May Day protests in Istanbul

Donald Trump has reminded Americans that in the US the 1st of May is Loyalty Day. Meanwhile in Turkey, protesters are demonstrating their dissatisfaction with President Erdogan in a sign that not all Turks are ‘loyal’ to the increasingly dictatorial rule of their Sultan President.

Hundreds of anti-government protesters gathered on International Workers Day to protest recent purges and totalitarian Presidential Decrees issued over the last week by Erdogan.

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The protesters were a combination of secularists, students and leftists who attempted to march to Taksim Gezi Park, the location of anti-Erdogan protests in 2013 and a traditional site where left-wing protesters would gather on the 1st of May.

Police were deployed in large numbers and tear gas was unleashed on the unarmed demonstrators.

Several Youtube clips of the protests have all ready been deleted in a country that has recently censored Wikipedia without a warning nor explanation.

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Over 200 have thus far been arrested.

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