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All out war breaks out between NFL and US President Trump

NFL fires back at Trump, players refuse to honor US national anthem.

Identity politics has now seeped into US professional sports, and all out war has broken out between the NBA and NFL, with a politically incorrect US President Trump.

This Sunday NFL players decided to take a knee after Trump’s “get that son of a bitch off the field” comment, made during an Alabama weekend rally.

From around the NFL:

Tom Brady, who is a friend of Trump, joined his Patriot teammates in locking arms during the anthem before the game against the Texans in Foxborough.

Brady did put his hand over his heart.

Aaron Rodgers posted messages of solidarity with protesters on his Instagram page.

#unity #brotherhood #family #dedication #love #

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The Pittsburgh Steelers announced that they will remain in the locker room during the anthem before kick off against the Chicago Bears in Chicago.

Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin made the announcement during an interview with CBS.

“For us as a football team it’s about us remaining solid. We’re not going to be divided by anything said by anyone. I told the players if you feel the need to do anything I will be supportive of that, as Americans you have that right, but whatever we do, we’re going to do 100% we’re going to do together…we’re not going to play politics with football players or football coaches. We’re not participating in the anthem today. We’re not going to let divisive times or divisive individuals affect our agenda. We’re not participating in the remove ourselves from this circumstance…because people shouldn’t have to choose.”

Steelers LT Alejandro Villanueva, an army veteran, left the locker room during the anthem and stood by the tunnel with his hand over his heart.

In Philadelphia, Eagles and Giants players and coaches locked arms, as a massive American flag was raised over the field and military jets performed a flyover.

A few players raised fists. Several players on the Bills and the Broncos took a knee during the anthem.

Zerohedge reports that during an appearance on ESPN’s “NFL Sunday Countdown”, a football show that this week was coopted by politics, former Buffalo Bills and New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan admitted that he was “pissed off” about President Donald Trump referring to pro athletes who don’t stand for the pledge as “sons of bitches” and urging fans to boycott the league, or at least walk out of stadiums when they see players protesting.

“I’m pissed off, I’ll be honest with you,” Ryan said on ESPN’s “Sunday NFL Countdown.” “I supported Donald Trump. When he asked me to introduce him at a rally in Buffalo, I did that. But I’m reading these comments and it’s appalling to me and I’m sure it’s appalling to any citizen in our country.”

“Calling our players SOBs and all that kind of stuff? That’s not the men that I know,” Ryan, who’s now an analyst, continued. “The men I know in the locker room, I’m proud of, I’m proud to be associated with those people.”

Patriots owner Robert Kraft, who supported Donald Trump during the 2016 presidential campaign, said he was “deeply disappointed” with US President Trump.

From the White House:

Trump doubled down on his weekend comments, calling on players, coaches, and owners to respect the US national anthem.

The US President continued to slam the NFL, and the NFL Commissioner, for allowing players to disrespect American flag and country, in a series of three tweets…

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