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Alex Jones brutal honesty, “There will be a goddamn war with Russia” if neocons impose no-fly zone in Syria [Video]

Alex Jones and David Knight discuss the escalating tensions between Russia and the United States as we move closer to WW3.

This is brutal honesty, that whether you love Alex Jones, or hate Alex Jones, is worth a listen…so as to prevent the neocon-neoliberal alliance from pushing the planet into a world war, that could lead to an unthinkable MAD nuclear scenario playing out.

In his own unique way, Alex Jones speaks a lot of truth behind the real conflict playing out in Syria…the one that is un-reported in the western press.

The heated discussion between Alex Jones and David Knight starts at the 5:20 mark…

Alex Jones says it best when he exclaims just how crazy US foreign policy has become…

“We [USA] are attacking the Russians so that they cannot defeat Al Qaeda and ISIS.”

Finally, the most interesting Alex Jones quote in this Infowars boradcast comes at the 12.55 mark, where Jones blasts the liberal march towards war, that main stream media and Hollywood progressives actively promote…

“But its ok because the trendies at media matters (I’m not against beards), but I’ve seen their TV shows, pink shirts, green socks, Nelly guys, going going oh I like my cat, oh I like my cat…meanwhile, meanwhile they’re having articles calling for shutting down the free press and war with Russia, it’s like dude, just because you’ve got a beard and a pink shirt, doesn’t mean it’s OK to have nuclear war…dumbass.”

“The State Department admits Hollywood’s mad about the pro-family agenda of Russia and that it’s Christian, so Hollywood has got a raging hard-on for some Christians that they can’t kill, that they want to all die when ICBM’s come into southern California.”

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