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Russia deploys seven S-300 air missile defense systems to Syria

Russian Defense Minister, Sergei Shoigu has officially announced the deployment of seven air missile defense systems in Syria.

Shoigu was quoted saying at a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin and the ministry’s leadership and defense enterprises:

“As you know, the S-400 system was deployed a long time ago [in Syria]. In addition, we have deployed seven S-300 systems to cover the part of the sea practically to the territory of Cyprus.”

Sputnik reports:

Moreover, Bastion coastal systems which virtually cover the entire coast are deployed, he said.

“These complexes are able to destroy both sea and ground targets at a distance of 350 kilometers of the sea and almost 450 kilometers of land,” Shoigu said.

He also confirmed that the Russian naval group in Syria is defended by the Bastion, moreover the Russian bases in Syria are now secure from low-flying targets. “Pantsir systems are supplied there because of that. In addition, over the past four months the Syrian S-200 systems have been restored, which cover the Syrian territory from the east among other things and support the protection of our bases in Tartus and Hmeymim from the air.”

The Russian president ordered to protect the Russian Armed Forces in Syria from the air and sea. In October, the Russian Defense Ministry said that a S-300 squadron was sent to Syria to ensure the safety of the Russian naval base in Tartus. According to media reports, the system deployed in Syria is S-300V4 — NATO designation SA-23 Gladiator — that is capable of striking tactical and strategic aircraft, medium-range ballistic missiles, tactical missiles as well as cruise missiles.

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