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5 ways to learn the Russian language

Here are 5 tips for you if you are thinking about learning Russian.

1. Start learning online

Google it! There is a wide variety of interactive websites such as,,, etc.

If you like to watch, on YouTube you can find a huge amount of educational videos and video podcasts on learning Russian.

Moreover, for those who could not access or afford Russian language education before, mobile apps such as DuoLingo or Pimsleur have become a perfect solution. According to the founder of a free language learning app DuoLingo, Luis von Ahn, “there are more people actively learning a language through DuoLingo than in the entire US public school system.”

2. Get a Russian Skype tutor

Although self-learning online does help the learning process, many students admit that it requires a lot of time, effort, and self-discipline, which many people simply do not have, and are still not enough to really learn the language as one would with a tutor.

According to the students, Skype lessons with a native Russia tutor is one of the most efficient ways of learning, because it is personal, affordable, and fun.

The prices for an academic hour with a Russian Skype tutor vary from 500 to 2,000 rubles.

Here is Anna’s website, where you can subscribe for Russian Skype lessons with her:

To discuss the lessons, please email Anna here:

[email protected]

3. Find Russian friends

Remember, the key to success in any learning is practice.

If you have Russian relatives or neighbors, get to know them! And do this in Russian, of course.

If not, go on Facebook and Vkontakte and find as many Russian friends as possible and start chatting with them in their language. Don’t worry if you will find yourself using Google Translate a lot at first — if you do this on a daily basis, you will see the progress after the first week!

4. Go to a language school

The first institution that offered Russian as a foreign language courses was the Peoples’ Friendship University in 1960. Since then, a huge methodological experience has been accumulated in this field.

Today, there are a number of schools that offer Russian language courses for foreigners.

Language Link is one of the best international language centers in Moscow.

Watch Anna interview Robert Jensky, the founder and CEO of the Language Link.

5. Come to Russia!

It is believed that the best way to understand a culture is through its language. But it works the other way as well.

So get your Russian visa and come to Россия!

When you are here, let us know, and we will show you around! 🙂

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