5 reasons Donald Trump was born to capitulate

1. Emotional volatility

Most would agree that Trump is a highly emotional personality, some might say an unstable one. Either way, many of his supporters believed he was wise enough to avoid impulsive action of any kind that would threaten the safety and security of America and beyond. It was after all his strong anti-war rhetoric that won him many supporters across the globe.

I do not feel he is insane, but I do recognize he is emotionally susceptible to his environment. It is clear that the images of the babies from the recent alleged chemical attack in Syria triggered a visceral reaction in him that blinded him to the facts. It would not have been difficult for the cunning CIA to convince an emotional Trump that Bashar al-Assad was responsible for such crimes.

My worst fear about Donald Trump came true in my mind: despite the tough guy rhetoric, he is a slave to his emotions and easily beaten into submission. Time will tell whether he is sane or not, depending on whether he takes responsibility and apologises for his unprovoked attack on Shayrat air base.

2. Afraid to die

During a rally in Ohio when a protester tried to climb on stage, Donald was taken completely off guard and his body jerked uncontrollably revealing immense shock and fear. This was demonstrative of the fact that this is a man who loves life, and who has not truly considered the possibility of death. By contrast, Muammar Gaddafi was prepared to die for his principles. With much of the commentariat speculating that the CIA might want to do to him as they likely did to JFK, it is perhaps only now that Trump may have considered the reality of death. If this is so, it is yet another reason why he may have capitulated to the pressure from the Deep State to toe the neo-con establishment line. Either way, if he continues to confuse the wider public, he is not fit for office. In his latest speeches justifying the attack on Syria, he appears less animated, morose even. He simple doesn’t look or sound himself.

3. Loves his family too much

Nobody could deny that the man loves his family a great deal. No parent who loves their children and grandchildren wants to leave them behind. Perhaps he loves them more than himself after all. Some commentators have speculated that the attack on Syrian land was to placate Ivanka’s White House war party husband Jared Kushner at the expense of losing his apparently vocal anti-war adviser and close ally Steve Bannon.

4. Afraid to appear weak

Donald Trump has constructed a specific image for himself, one of a tough alpha guy who suffers no fools and can get any attractive woman he wants. The problem with living up to this image is that it is virtually impossible. It is a fantasy. Where does it end? Will he have to decimate the entire Middle East before he realizes he has crossed the line? Tough guys experience just as many obstacles and disappointments as any average person, albeit of a different kind, the difference is an average guy can’t afford to pretend otherwise.

Donald Trump has little humility, if any. One can only hope he matures and comes to grips with reality sooner rather than later.

5. Afraid to disappoint

There is no doubt that Trump does not like to disappoint, be it his children, the American people, associates and even the Deep State. He is not good at saying ‘No’ for fear of appearing uncooperative or weak. It is not so important whether his need to win derives from his inflated sense of pride or because he genuinely likes to do good and to please. I suspect the truth like with most things is somewhere in between. Either way, pathological fear of defeat can easily extend to reckless actions.

Again, a touch of honesty and humility would do him more good than harm, and might even soften some of his supporters who have been dismayed by his latest foreign policy blunder.

Did we expect too much from him, and too soon? Were we too forgiving of his apparent flaw? Or were we betrayed too much? There are many unanswered questions, and more to come before the truth becomes clear.

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