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5 Really Dumb Tweets On The IOC Decision Not To Ban Russia

Twitter is full of idiots...and after the IOC decision to not ban all of team Russia from the games, we find out just how ill-informed so many twitter users really are.

We are sure that all these social justice warriors sounding off in disgust at the correct decision made by the IOC, would have no problem if:

  1. They were pronounced guilty before innocent
  2. Were convicted of a crime their uncle committed
  3. Were convicted of a crime without being allowed to defend themselves
  4. Witnesses used to convict them were known criminals, dopers and drug dealers

Here are the top 5 dumbest tweets about the IOC decision not to ban team Russia from Rio.

5. Ah yes, because only Russian athletes dope…Justin Gatlin, Tyson Gay, Marion Jones

4. Don’t watch the games…you will not be missed.

3. This makes sense in the universe that says she is a proven doper and all of team Russia is not.

2. We would argue the exact opposite. The IOC did not fold to western political pressure.

1. Because your hashtag #CrininalState is spelled wrong.

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