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1,500 police will be deployed in Cologne Germany to prevent New Years Eve sexual assault

In order for German citizens to accommodate Angela Merkel’s vision of a Germany flooded with migrants from war torn countries NATO helps tear apart, a “police state” like atmosphere has to be organized for Germany citizens to celebrate New Years eve on their city streets.

German media outlet Deutsche Welle is reporting that German police will deploy 1,500 officers to the streets of Cologne on New Year’s Eve. The police force will implement various security plans, aimed at preventing a repeat of last years New Years Eve scandal that saw thousands of German girls sexually assaulted by groups of migrants.

The sexual assaults led to widespread criticism of Chancellor Angela Merkel and Cologne authorities, who tried to cover up happened.

Cologne Mayor Henriette Reker noted…

“After last New Year’s Eve’s shocking assaults, the city has taken appropriate measures.”

“We want people to experience the true Cologne: peaceful, joyful – a city with a sense of community.”

RT reports further…

In addition to federal police officers and city security officials, trained specialists will be available to help women and girls in case of harassment, intimidation, assault, or rape.

Officers will wear reflective vests to make themselves highly visible, police chief Jürgen Mathies said during a presentation of the city’s New Year’s Eve security plan on Monday.

The city will also limit access to the immediate area around the city’s cathedral, the site of many of last year’s alleged assaults, which on that day were reported in their hundreds. The church, the adjacent square, and nearby buildings will be illuminated in bright colors.

Bags will be searched, and fireworks will be strictly prohibited in the cordoned off area. Bridges crossing the Rhine will be blocked off at certain times to avoid “unclear situations.”

CCTV cameras will film the area in front of the main train station, also a scene of last year’s assaults. The area will also be more brightly lit than usual.

The new safety provisions are being seen as a huge improvement from last year, when just 140 officers were deployed to the streets of Cologne on New Year’s Eve, a night which resulted in almost 1,200 criminal complaints being made to police – around 500 of which were related to sexual assault.

Mathies acknowledged last year’s violence during his presentation on Monday, saying that “what happened last year can never happen again.”


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